Connected sofa
Miliboo changes the smart home user experience by introducing a new member to the connected family, the smart sofa.
It is the first piece of furniture on the market that revolutionizes the user's daily routine and his home theater experience too!
Connected sofa

The ultimate home theater experience

The smart sofa offers a unique home cinema experience to the user and the entire family. It integrates a vibrator seat, built-in speakers and amplifiers as well as a lightning under the base that you may change the intensity and the color. You can also adapt the light to the vibrations of the sound. Home theater is synonymous with thrills and this connected sofa will bring the living room to a new dimension with its interactive features.

Global home automation

The smart sofa is an interactive control platform of the entire home, based on a customized and open Android OS.

Thanks to the Miliboo Connected Furniture app, the user can configure his sofa, connect it to any other smart home device and control everything: light, alarm, garage door, thermostat, internet, TV, music... To simplify the user's experience, voice control is available with Google Home and Alexa by Amazon, the user just needs to link his accounts via the app.

Qi wirless phone charger

The technology is integrated into the armrest and houses a Qi wireless smartphone charger.
No more cables are necessary and the distance between the user and the smartphone is reduced
for a more comfortable using of the couch.

Launching soon, be the first to know!
Connected sofa
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